the studio

Suzanne is skilled at connecting with students and giving them the tools needed to improve their performance.

Christiane DeVries Boles | Washington National Opera

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voice & piano lessons

Piano lessons are exciting with the Faber and Faber Method of teaching and midi interfaced computers to encourage composing and listening.

Voice lessons are as individualized as each student that walks through the studio doors. The YogaSing technique is highlighted and Classical Voice training, the Broadway Belt and Rockers all benefit from Suzanne's years of vocal pedagogy study.

Kids Only Recitals bring all the students together to perform for one another. Casual dress, prizes, no parents, gentle direction and ice cream sundaes help achieve the goal of a no pressure performance to prepare for more formal holiday recitals and community performances.

The fusion of Arts and Spirit happens every day as each student goes within to find their unique gift. Everyone in the studio interacts with one another through lesson times, Kids Only Recitals, Camp Create, attending shows together and guest artist workshops. Older students are role models to the younger students while the younger students bring back memories and smiles for all. The Awakening Arts Studio fosters self esteem, encourages excellence in every endeavor and teaches individual artistic expression.



Through the past 25 years of teaching, I have learned that each student is in my studio at that specific time in their life for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is simply to learn to play the piano or sing, but more often, there is another gift waiting to be brought into the light. I feel honored to be a part of this musical process and to help awaken the artist within!