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Her enthusiasm and dedication to educating herself and others is infectious. She is a role model for the artists she comes in contact with.
Placido Domingo

I cannot say enough positive about Suzanne Jackson. She led my students through a completely new and healthy way of breath support, relaxation and technique for vocalists that this should be a requirement of all vocal studios. YogaSing is not just yoga for singers; it's yoga for the holistic person and an amazing way to approach vocal pedagogy. All vocalists should experience YogaSing regardless of their experience!

Dr. Allyson Roberts | PA Leadership Charter School, Music Department Chair

Suzanne Jackson is at the top of her field in teaching yoga for singers. Her background as a professional singer and her in-depth yoga training make her the ideal candidate for any opera company or music school. Suzanne is skilled at connecting with students and giving them the tools needed to improve their performance abilities through the unique breathing and body techniques yoga provides.
Christiane Boles | Washington National Opera

After a yoga class with Suzanne I feel revived and inspired. She uplifts everyone she meets.

IVA | Performing Artist

Suzanne is endlessly creative and has a positive, straightforward attitude towards all she does. With Penny, she gives children self-confidence to live a one-of-a-kind life, the route to making their dreams a reality.


Ms. Jackson's strong commitment to her craft and the artists she works with, coupled with her unique talents has resulted in a highly successful collaboration over the past nine years.
Placido Domingo

I couldn't have done what I had to do to get to Colorado without preparing my body (and mind) with YOGA this past winter and spring.

Cindy DeMoss

Since becoming certified in Yogasing with Suzanne, I have become a more confident and competent singer, as well as voice teacher.

Summer Garner

I have taken voice and YogaSing lessons from Suzanne for 7 years. She has given me a strong technique and guided me through many important life decisions. As I go to Pace University in New York City this September, I am happy to say that now she is my teacher and friend.
Lydia Stinson | Student

The Breath and Body along with Period Movement classes were the most insightful/fun for me. I learned a lot from both classes.
Student Washington National Opera Institute

Recently, before a Classical Singer vocal competition, I had the opportunity to participate in a "YogaSing" session. Unlike my other yoga experiences, it was easy to learn and put into practice. After 60 minutes my pre audition tension was gone. I felt open, relaxed, and energized. Did "YogaSing" help me become a finalist? I will never know. However, I'll never enter a vocal competition or perform without using it.
Zack Rogers
Senior, Thomas Dale HS Specialty Center for the Performing Arts.

Intelligent and thoughtful with great poise and character, Ms. Jackson possesses all of the attributes of a true leader in her field.

She is a creative, compassionate, and focused individual.
Placido Domingo

Everything just seems better after a lesson with Suzanne
Emily Shirring