the studio


Novemeber 10, 2018   9:30-12:30    Sound Healing Workshop at Westminster Presbyterian Church Wilmington, Delaware
October 21, 2018   12:00-2:00    Foster the Arts, Inc. Launch at the Delaware Art Museum!!   Come support this worthy cause and see Penny          the Piano in action  

Yoga, Tao and Tea                April 6 9:00-12:30    Tao Porchan-Lynch and Suzanne Spangler Jackson lead you through a workshop                                                                of Yoga and Song.  Tea and converstion with Tao following meditation.  
                                                         April 7 9:00-12:30
Kids Workshop with Tao         April 6    3:30 and 7:00    

Lisa Popiel MasterClass        June  Exact dates to be announced

Penny the Piano Workshop-  Students travel to Middleburg Virginia for a special time at A Place to Be  with the cast of the Penny Musical
Penny the Piano Show          June 29-July 2   The Hill School, Middleburg, Virginia

CAMP CREATE            August 14-18           Check Suzanne Spangler Jackson's personal website for more information.