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Suzanne Jackson is at the top of her field in teaching yoga for singers. 

Christiane Boles | Washington National Opera

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In ChakraWakening, I introduce the concept of the energy body, explain the qualities of each energy center and give movements through Yoga and QiGong to awaken the Chakras within.  The menu consists of an Introduction, History of the Chakras, Warm Up and the ChakraWakening Routine for Chakras One through Seven.

The Introduction and History provide detailed information about this ancient energy system and its relation to the physical and energy body.

The Warm Up is a ten minute segment that rejuvenates each individual Chakra when time does not allow for the entire routine.

The main  ChakraWakening Routine holds sequences for each Chakra which may be done in order or one at a time according to your daily needs.



Chakra One helps with grounding the body.

If you have a creative block, movements of Chakra Two may release it.

Practice Chakra Three before an important business meeting or performance.

Chakra Four helps with matters of the heart.

Chakra Five enables you to realize if you are saying what needs to be said in your life.

Chakra Six connects you to your intuition and the silence and meditation of 

Chakra Seven brings together the physical body, energy body and spirit.

I hope ChakraWakening brings your Yoga practice and your life to a new level of knowing!