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Penny the Piano

The Essence of yoga
tao porchon-lynch,
Suzanne & Rebecca Jackson

Yoga for women of all ages


Join 95-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch as she connects yoga with the beauty and flow of nature through asana, pranayama and philosophy. Trhough The Essence of Yoga, Tao brings the living wisdom of the divine feminine to women of all ages.




ChakraWakening DVD
Awaken your Energy & Physical Body

Let ChakraWakening take you to the next level in your yoga practice!

Total Content Time: 58 Minutes, beginner to advanced.


FIlmed on location at beautiful Longwood Gardens, ChakraWakening guides you through Yoga postures and Qigong sequences to awaken the chakra system. Suzanne Jackson introduces and explains this ancient system of energy through words, music, movement and scenes from nature. She explores the senses of the physical body and the intuition of the energy body to create an innovative approach to the practice of yoga.



Penny the Piano

Penny the One of a Kind Piano Book
Written by Suzanne Jackson
Foreword by Placido Domingo

This adorable book brings a heart and soul to every piano played by a child.


Join Penny on her musical adventure as she moves from the school band room to the stage of the National Opera. Along the way Penny realizes she is different from the other pianos and just wants to be special. With her good friend Tessa at her side, Penny finds happiness and shares the joy of music wherever she goes.



Penny the Piano

YogaWakening DVD
Five Minute Yoga Wakenings to greet the day

YogaWakening will help you feel refreshed and ready for the day!
Total Content Time: 20 Minutes, beginner to advanced.


The way you awaken each morning has the ability to enhace your entire day. YogaWakening is a beautiful way to awaken body, mind and spirit. Filmed on location at Longwood Gardens, Suzanne Jackson guides you through gentle yoga stretches to bring you from a sleeping position to an energized standing mountain pose. The Sunrise Stretch gradually awakens the body with supine poses and the Sun Salutation connects the breath to standing and inverted movement flows. These convenient five minute sequences will help you feel refreshed, empowered and ready to begin the day!



Penny the Piano

YogaWakening CD
The tranquil alternative to jarring alarm clocks

With Yogawakening you will never experience the suddent heart-racing and body-jarring feeling again. .


The way you awaken each morning can affect your entire day. Yogawakening is a peaceful way to awaken your body, mind, and spirit using the sound of progressively spaced soft chimes. Tranquil music follows to accompany gentle yoga stretches and sun salutations in convenient five minute intervals. Easy to follow verbal and written instructions are included.  Yogawakening can be used in your ipod or in a CD alarm clock.